Danielle was born in Sydney, Australia. While still at school she landed a regular role on the 80’s television series, Richmond Hill.

Since then she has travelled the country in Debra Oswald’s classic Australian play Dags, studied and graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art with an acting degree and has worked extensively in film, television and theatre in Australia and New Zealand.

She has been a series regular on Mal. com, Something in the Air and Medivac. She has worked for most major theatre companies in Australia and has toured regionally and nationally with new Australian works.

Her international productions include Rip Tide, Knowing, The Lost World, Beast Master, Tales of the South Seas, Flipper, Salem’s Lot and Fearless.

She has also studied  with the Moscow Arts Theatre School, The Micheal Chekhov School in Hudson, New York as well as the Micheal Chekhov International Workshop and Festival in Connecticut.